MASTER prestige

During the whole tasting sequence, this glass delivers continuous and consistent sensations with no wavering nor break, thus proving the total absence of glass-induced influences.

The bio-energetic impact returns its full vitality to the wine, making its flavor astoundingly stable. This glass delivers a homogenous and faithful image of all types of wine (red, rosé, white or sparkling).

It reveals the mineral character and the tactile sensations that accurately characterize the "terroir". It allows the taster to achieve a perfect sensorial synthesis and a spontaneous reading of the wine's balance.

360 ml
12.7 fl oz
206 mm
8.11 inch
rosace royal glass

The embossed rose on the base of the glass, is the symbol of the Royal Glass items.

MASTER ultima

In this glass, tasting becomes simply obvious: impressive aromatic and gustatory detailed expression, stability of flavors, natural unspoiled feel, accurate wine balance definition, outstanding sensorial continuity on the palate.

400 ml
14.1 fl oz
234 mm
9.2 inch

Conceptual background

This project was born from the meeting of an architect, designer and taster, and a wine expert, mastering the knowledge of worldwide vineyards and wine producers. 15 years of research in psycho-sensory analysis and bioenergetics, were necessary to achieve their project of a totally innovative glass, that enables the taster to perceive the fruit and the terroir's subtle expression simultaneously, like no other glass on the market. This glass was created as the ideal tasting glass, thanks to its exceptional ability to express any type of wine from any region, with incredible ease and in an authentic way.

Jean-Pierre Lagneau

graduated from the Fed. Polytechnic School of Zürich, is an architect and designer specialist in acoustics, psycho-sensory analysis and bioenergetics.

Jean Pierre Lagneau is famous since 1990 as author of best-seller glass series (Cristal de Sèvres, Spiegelau, Air France).

Laurent Vialette

is a wine expert and wine writer, well known for his gift to identify and memorize sensory profiles of old vintages. His knowledge of the world vineyards is encyclopedic.

Laurent Vialette is a permanent member of the Grand Jury Européen.

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